Four Key Traits of High Performance Companies

What does it mean to be a high performance company in today’s business environment? Companies take a unique approach to the way they recruit talent, motivate employees and create loyal customers. Many claim to be high performance companies, but few have the DNA that actually allows them to do things the rest of the market only dreams about.

Here are four key traits of high performance companies:

True Sales Culture
In a true sales culture, everyone is proactive and is accountable – the CEO, the sales team, marketing, operations, all the way to human resources. Making everyone accountable helps the company become all about customer success. When you hear about a company having a true sales culture, everybody talks to customers, everyone is a prospective or existing customer. You may think of pushy employees trying to do what’s best for them, but that’s not what “making everyone a salesperson” is about. It’s about getting everyone to think less about their own internal process, and think more about what they do, and how that impacts the customer. This enables a singular focus on the customer’s success – in every single thing that the company does.

Insane Focus on Their People
This is what I like to call Winning As a Team. Smart companies have developed a scientific approach to whom and how they recruit, how they train, and how to keep people motivated. Businesses should ensure their employees think about their career path as less of a day-to-day job, but rather as an on-the-job mastering of long-term success. Teach the sales team with training, incentives, examples, and motivation and they will not just learn, but they will also help you build a sales machine within your company. Other companies may say, “people first,” but at its core, you can’t just believe it, you have to act on it.

Track, Measurement, Metrics
Companies that track, measure and review meaningful metrics gain a distinct competitive advantage. This gives CEOs and presidents insight into the productivity of employees daily, weekly and monthly, and ultimately drives motivation to achieve goals. The leadership at high performance companies is empowered with up-to-date information on employees, sales, marketing, accounting and customer issues. This enables CEOs, presidents and business owners to add a unique personal touch to improve performance and the bottom line.

Service, Service, Service
Focus on the customers’ needs. This idea might be the most important. We all know happy customers are the best customers. Additionally, by focusing on the customers’ needs, you will uncover many desired products and services that you can upsell and cross-sell to them. Businesses that go above and beyond to show the customer they have their best interests in mind are the companies that perform and grow at the highest level. Companies that not only track their own performance, but the satisfaction of their customers create long-term loyal relationships.

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