The Right Growth Capital for Your Company

Accelerating the growth of your business is the best path to greater sales, profits and increasing the value of your business for an optimal exit and sale of your company in the future. The right type of growth capital is critical for each and every company. CEO Advisor, Inc. advises CEOs and business owners on the right growth capital for you, and then works with you as your trusted business advisor to plan and improve your business. We also work with you as advisors to re-invest some of this capital in your business to accelerate growth, increase sales and profits, as well as, increase the value of your business for the optimal exit.

If you are not ready to sell your company, but have most of your net worth tied up in the business, then you need to evaluate your options to better secure your financial future. A serious market downturn or failing economy could be devastating to both you and your business. Bank financing is not always the best method to secure cash for your business given the many contingencies that come with bank loans, as well as, the monthly payments and the need to pay back the loan when that time to repay may be very untimely. If your personal or business credit is not great, it will also be extremely challenging to receive a bank loan for any reason in today’s business environment.

For an established company with $5+ million in sales, or even for a much larger company, and some reasonable level of profits, growth capital can be very attractive from a Private Equity firm. CEO Advisor, Inc. has relationships with many Private Equity firms and can help you prepare for growth capital through an equity investment at very attractive terms. Private Equity investments can be a minority or a majority investment in your company, and in both cases you have the opportunity to take a larger “Second bite of the apple” when you ultimately sell the company to a large strategic buyer. And you can also take some money out of the company personally at the time the investment is made to further solidify your financial future.

Accelerating your growth is the key to staying ahead of your competition, increasing sales, margins and net profits, increasing the value of your business, and attracting a buyer down the road at a strong valuation. Without this accelerated growth, you are at risk of declining profits and you will certainly be the owner of your company for a very, very long time – in good health or bad, with a desire to sell the business or not.

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