The Importance of Planning

CEO Advisor, Inc. provides expertise in helping CEOs, presidents and business owners of small to mid-size companies focus on priorities to grow their businesses to the next level. We meet with many CEOs and business owners and we ask them critical questions about planning and managing their business such as:

Does your company have a strategic plan?

Does your company have a defined sales strategy to maximize sales?

A marketing plan to optimize leads and fuel sales?

A monthly forecast as goals to drive your business forward?

Every business needs to plan and execute on the plan. Unfortunately, many people associate planning with start-ups. As a CEO or owner of a small or mid-size business, can you afford not to plan? Do you prioritize, focus and manage your growth proactively? Are you wasting time and money due to lack of planning or are you achieving your goals on time and optimizing your sales, profits and the value of your business.

Benefits of Planning

Guide Your Growth
Your business will grow or not depending on many factors, including overall economic trends, size of your industry, growth of your industry, specific market needs, sales strategy, marketing, hard work and other factors. Businesses that plan do it to guide and accelerate their growth so they consistently move towards defined objectives rather than just reacting to business events.

Manage Priorities
Managing people involves focus and constantly managing priorities. Allocate resources where they will generate the most profit. Work towards your strengths and away from your weaknesses. Grow the company by doing the most important things according to your current needs and long-term objectives.

Assign Responsibilities
A plan gives you a place to develop organizational responsibilities. Accountability drives businesses forward. Assign tasks and projects that achieve your goals and hold your people accountable.

Track Progress
With a written plan, you can track your progress towards goals, measure results, and better manage the business. Without a plan, how do you tell whether or not you are moving in the right direction or measure success? Use a dashboard style reporting to track key metrics in your business.

Strategy involves taking a hard look at your products and services, your core competencies, your target markets, geographic sales coverage, your customers, pricing, operations, sales and marketing. Bring in the needed expertise to ensure your strategy yields success.

Specific Responsibilities, Goals, Tasks, Deadlines and Budgets
We call these milestones. These key aspects of business businessmenclimbing

Financial Forecast
One of the most important aspects of strategic planning is the financial forecast. A business needs to set financial goals and targets to truly measure its success and drive the business forward. Without a monthly forecast you will never optimize your business and you will settle each month on results of the past.

CEO Advisor, Inc. has the expertise, coupled with hands-on advice to help you plan, strategize, grow and succeed.

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