5 Methods to Increase Your Productivity

Your profits and potential for growth are tied to your productivity. It is critical to find needed time in your day by taking a new approach to the tasks that fall within your responsibility. These improvements will enable you to focus on your priorities and effectively accomplish tasks.

1. Effective Business Communication
Effective business communication is one of the most important skills that any CEO or business owner must have. When you are communicating with staff and clients, make sure that your instructions and directives are understood the way you intend them to be. Simply repeating the same request in different words at the end of a conversation can mean the difference between accomplishing what you need versus your staff having to redo a full days’ work.

With communication, clarity of information is the number one objective. By keeping the language you use simple, you increase your chances of having your message understood. In the military, lives can be lost due to miscommunication. In business, money is lost and the loss of just one customer can cost you millions over several years.
2. Business and Project Planning
Planning is a key role for all CEOs and business owners.  Whether you are planning for your business growth or large projects, planning and organization is critical. Along with your annual financial forecast, keep a yearly planner on your desk to plan and record key projects so that you can keep them on schedule.
With larger projects, plan the entire project in advance. Break the project down into sections and assign a date for each step. Assign aspects of the project to trusted staff members or consultants, but keep it closely supervised. Once you have planned and scheduled how you will do the project, you will find that you will be more proactive and accomplish more in less time. 

3. Prioritizing
It is critical that you schedule your time every day in your calendar, in advance, and give yourself ample time to complete each task. Jumping around from one project to another or constantly rushing to finish on deadlines is a sign that you need to reorganize how you approach your day and prioritize important tasks and projects.

Review your calendar each morning. Reprioritize, if needed, and attack your first task as per your calendar. At the end of each month take a look at the projects that are known for the month ahead and start to schedule the month based on your priorities.  This will drive your business forward to meet your monthly financial forecast and goals.

4. Procrastination
Procrastination can be the biggest time thief of all! The most vital thing you need to do is acknowledge that you are guilty of procrastination, and then identify the tasks you tend to put off. Once you know which things you are likely to procrastinate about, consider why it is you don’t want to do them. Perhaps they are too large or just seem like a low priority.

By identifying the reasoning behind your procrastination, you can find solutions, such as breaking larger projects down into smaller pieces, scheduling certain tasks for first thing in the morning so they are done, and delegating tasks to a staff member, consultant or business advisor. Eliminate procrastination and see how much more you can accomplish in your day.

5. Delegation
Delegate some of your routine tasks which you can quickly instruct someone else to take responsibility of. Remember to communicate the instructions clearly and ensure they are understood before leaving the task in the employees care. Once you delegate something, do a quick review at the end of the day to ensure it’s done correctly and on time. Shuffling a few of these tasks to team members will free up your time for more specialized work.

For more complex or specialized tasks, seek the help of a seasoned business advisor who can add value in several ways and ensure the timely completion.

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