Growth Funding

As your company grows, you may need a growth investment. In this article we will discuss funding from private equity investors and strategic investors.

Private equity investments are typically reserved for companies on the verge of a large growth boom, and strategic investors are specialized partners who can provide guidance and management help.

What is Private Equity?
Private equity is capital sourced from extremely high-net-worth individuals or firms that raise and manage funds from pension funds, large trusts or extremely large organizations. They typically purchase shares in private companies, but they can also purchase equity in public companies with the intention of delisting the business from public stock exchanges. Private equity investments can be as small as $5 million and as high as a few hundred million dollars.

What are Strategic Investors?
Financial investors like Private Equity firms are classified as “financial investors”, who purchase shares in companies with the goal of generating a favorable return and diversifying their investment portfolio. Strategic investors become involved in the management and operations of the company in addition to providing capital. Strategic investors are meant to complement existing management, owners and partners. Based on their needs, strategic investors can invest at any stage of your business.

When Should I Seek Private Equity?
Private equity investors generally only invest in proven businesses as A) Growth equity for low to mid-market companies, or B) Mid-market companies with substantial earnings. They can also purchase a company outright.

How Can I Find Private Equity and Strategic Investors?
To find private equity investors, you need to hire an advisor with expertise in fundraising and growing businesses to the next level. Your lender, attorney, or accountant may also be helpful but a formal business/fundraising advisor is needed to both prepare you and connect you with the right private equity fund and advise you through the entire process.

Strategic investors can be found within your industry or a neighboring industry. In most cases, these investors will be dominant players in a sector where you already have professional relationships, but proper preparation and expertise is needed for both types of investors.

Here are four common investment scenarios that might help your company as its funding needs evolve:

1. Buy out the Company
Private equity funds can buy 80-100 percent of the outstanding shares of your business, cashing out founding shareholders and previous investors. The founder may be retained to continue to manage the business, or the buyout fund can install a whole new senior management team and Board of Directors. The great thing about private equity funds is that they have hard cash on hand to buy companies, thereby creating less uncertainty for business owners.

2. Cash out the Founder

It’s also possible to partially cash out or to buy out just the owner/founder, while keeping existing investors in place. Sometimes, owners sell because of illness, divorce settlements, retirement, boredom or unsolvable squabbles with investors. Founder buyouts are also possible when key employees partner with a private equity fund to finance a “management buyout”. Typically, private equity funds are more attracted to cashing out a founder if a controlling stake is available.

3. Buy Out Existing Investors

Old investors can become “tired” investors, especially if they’ve had their money tied up for five or more years in a privately-held business. The terms of these transactions can be tricky but doable, especially if the underlying company still has considerable financial upside ahead.

4. Investment for Growth Capital

The primary reason CEOs and business owners partner with private equity firms is for growth capital. Owners of prosperous businesses are often tapped out or want to greatly accelerate their growth. Every business and personal asset may have already been pledged as collateral on bank loans, jeopardizing the company’s growth prospects and competitive standing.

Private equity funds can help prosperous business owners continue their winning ways with funding for acquisitions, building out the sales and marketing team, hiring key management team members, new product development and geographic expansion.

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