Critical Sales Management Methods to Improve Performance

Sales growth is a critical factor in driving Net Profits and value in your business. Sales management plays a crucial role in the success (or failure) of your company. Effective sales management sets the tone, culture, goals and expectations and drives your business forward. With so much invested in your sales team, it may not be easy to take an objective assessment of your team.

You will benefit tremendously through improvements in your hiring process, goal setting, sales compensation plans, sales strategy and sales management methods to create a more productive work environment and sales team.

Below are critical methods that will benefit you by re-assessing your own sales team and how you manage them with objectivity and fresh eyes. CEO Advisor, Inc. has successfully implemented sales strategies and affected the needed changes in our clients for over fifteen years.

Weekly Sales Meetings
Consistent weekly sales meetings are absolutely critical to a motivated, focused sales team. Focus on goals, your sales pipeline and sales training each week to maximize sales productivity. Utilize a sales CRM such as and require daily use for all sales team members to plan, track and report on all sales activity.

Sales Management Training
Managers often emphasize to their employees the necessity for constant development and training. The same applies to you as the CEO, president or business owner and to your top sales executive. Consider hiring a professional business advisor to optimize sales management within your company to help you manage your sales team towards a more productive and profitable year.

Sales Goals
Sales goals should be annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. Goals should include calls, appointments, conference calls, opportunities, proposals, closed deals and other sales goals. Without the proper sales goals and tracking of these goals, your growth, sales, profits and the value of your business will suffer substantially.

Assessment and Growth
How do you set your sales team up to succeed? Assess and evaluate skills, and then set goals that are challenging but realistic. The more successes a salesperson achieves, the more likely they will strive for larger challenges and sales opportunities moving forward. Setting unrealistic goals may not allow for an environment in which the salesperson can grow and achieve results.

Sales Leadership
Be a resource for your team. Share your own success stories, best practices, and advice on your areas of expertise, and provide direction to help your sales team in closing deals. Show your team that they can come to you with challenges and questions and expect to receive support and leadership. Role play in sales meetings to provide added benefits, closing techniques and confidence to win more deals.

Address Issues Head-On
Don’t allow negative morale to penetrate your culture. When signs of negative morale or other issues become apparent, find out what is at the root of your employees’ concerns, and then have an informative and open conversation with them about their concerns to come to an expedited resolution.

The primary role of any manager, especially a sales manager, is to provide leadership and guidance. The only way this will be effective is if you first build and maintain trust with your team. Then you can lead them to many great successes and achieve your sales goals.

Create accountability in your sales team by ensuring that you follow up on instructions, assignments, goals, requests and advice that you have passed down to them. Also, hold them accountable to their sales goals. In following up with them, you will also get a better understanding of the obstacles they are facing and be better able to advise them on how to overcome these issues. Lack of accountability by any sales team member should not be acceptable and addressed immediately.

Communicate Effectively
It’s important for everyone on the team, not just management, to be aware of and understand the overall goals of the company. Be sure to communicate frequently to ensure everyone is on the same page and communicate your goals regularly. Ineffective or infrequent communications will cost you many customers and dollars!

Give Praise – Sales is a tough job!
Be sure to demonstrate your appreciation for your employees on a regular basis, even if it is in the form of a word of thanks for putting in extra hours, achieving your monthly goals or submitting reports timely.

Let CEO Advisor help you with your sales management issues and take your business to the next level.

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