Securing Valued Advisors for an Optimal Exit

Great advisors will take your business to the next level. Advisors increase sales and profits, generate tremendous value in your business and position you and your company for the optimal exit and big payday.

A strong advisor will generate a tremendous return on your investment. CEO Advisor, Inc. has worked with clients generating a 100X return by increasing our client’s investment in sales, profits and increased business value.

Engaging The Right Advisors. CEO Advisor, Inc. is a business advisory, growth capital and mergers and acquisitions advisory firm that works exclusively with CEOs, presidents and business owners. Our focus and expertise is a critical aspect of growing our clients’ sales, profits and value of their businesses for an optimal exit. Your corporate attorney, CPA or tax advisor, as well as, your insurance and banking advisors are also extremely important to your success. Your business/M&A advisor such as Mark Hartsell, MBA, President of CEO Advisor, Inc. will be the one to guide your through the entire preparation and sale process and will coordinate all of your other advisors to ensure maximum results.

Clear Goals. Your engagement with a business/M&A advisor should include a set of clearly defined, written goals, time-frame for achieving the initial goals, hours to be committed monthly by the advisor for a monthly retainer, along with regularly scheduled meetings and conference calls in a clearly stated engagement agreement, with an incentive bonus for achieving a successful exit.

Run on all Cylinders. No matter how ambitious or talented a CEO, president or business owner may be, it is extremely hard to cover all aspects of business in today’s complex environment, especially the complexity and amount of work of selling your company. This is why all CEOs and business owners need sound, seasoned, trusted advice and help with executing their plan to maximize sales, profits and value for the sale of the company. Otherwise, your business may be running on only half of its cylinders at half speed.

Time is Precious. Many CEOs, presidents and business owners create a Board of Advisors and then have no idea what to do with them or do not follow-up on gaining value from them. Similarly, retired industry veterans agree to advise businesses without any clear sense of responsibility, continuity or hands-on advice with substantial work performed. Group coaching can be a major waste of time and money as 90% of the time is spent on someone else’s problems from other industries.

Hands-on Work and Expertise. An Advisor should be much more than a mentor or coach. A trusted business/M&A advisor is a special relationship between a CEO or business owner and a third party expert with a specific value or expertise working on a written set of goals and deliverables on a weekly basis.

Your advisors must roll up their sleeves and invest the needed time to serve the business properly, and the business must invest time and money into the relationship in order to ultimately achieve these goals. Otherwise, your goals may be out of reach for many months or years costing the business tremendously in lost sales, lost opportunities, lost profits and diminished value or the inability to sell the company at all.

CEO Advisor, Inc. works with well defined, written goals conducting weekly meetings with agendas based on these goals and needs of the CEO, while performing a tremendous amount of work that is instrumental in achieving the CEO’s goals.

Communicate. Ask for the help you need and then maintain open communications with your advisors and expect your advisors to be direct and to the point with you. This is important for several reasons and will serve you well as you build your business. The reason you signed up an advisor is because they are successful, connected, and knowledgeable people. If you want their help, simply ask for it.

Pay for Expertise. If you’re going to gain the expertise you need, you should be willing to pay. Actually, you should be happy to pay. The right advisor can positively affect your business, your profits and your life tremendously. If you can generate a 25X, 50X or 100X return on your investment, you should be prepared and excited to pay a reasonable fee to gain the help you need.

Initiating the Sale Process. When you have discussed a plan to sell the company with your business/M&A advisor, and other advisors and you are committed to initiating the sale, your business/M&A advisor will perform the needed preparation work (1 – 3 months), including creating a target list of potential acquirers; contact the potential acquirers (1+ months); solicit and negotiate offers (1 month); perform the required Due Diligence (1 – 1.5 months) and assist with the business issues in the legal documents (1 month) through to the closing of the transaction.

With a trusted business advisor/M&A advisor, you should see a clear and methodical path to substantial rewards within three months. All information should be documented and the plan and goals should be pursued consistently toward success and completion. The right team of advisors will increase sales and profits, protect your assets, build your business, increase your value substantially and enable you to tremendously enhance your ability to sell your company for an optimal value for an ultimate sale and the largest payday of your life.

We address your specific needs with hands-on action, expertise and seasoned advice. Call Mark Hartsell, MBA, President of CEO Advisor, Inc. today at (949) 629-2520, text Mark at (714) 697-3370 or email to schedule a free initial consultation.

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