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CEO Advisor® Newsletter
July 2011

Driven to Growth

A Business Advisor can Improve Your Business and Your Life

The single most important reason why companies use business advisors (70 percent) is access to specific skills not available internally.

Our research shows that people want to access specialist skills they need for a specified period of time. A business advisory firm has those skills. There are economies of knowledge because the client gets the benefit of using an advisor who has worked for different businesses in different places in varied industries. 


Another reason to use a business advisor is because they can speed up the process of change. Often the requirement is for a burst of effort to get something done by someone that does not have other obligations or a day job to attend to. A business advisor can be brought in, set clear deliverables and aggressive timelines and provide the catalyst or momentum to get things done. 


Andrew Carnegie's life is a rags to riches story which resulted in Andrew becoming, at one time, the richest man in the world. An interesting anecdote is the epitaph on his gravestone. It reads: "Here lies a man who knew how to enlist the services of better men than himself." It didn't say "I became the richest man in the world because I can do everything myself." Nor did it say "Save costs and do it yourself." 


By running your small business and being an entrepreneur you did this to have more freedom over your personal and financial life.  However, many business owners take the philosophy of freedom too far and adopt the attitude of "I'll do it all myself!" Not only can't you do it all, it's often a bad move financially. Business owners should focus their attention on what they do best and what actions generate the most ROI. So why should you hire a business adviser to bring value to your business? 


Here are 12 benefits that an advisor can provide when you decide to grow, turnaround, or change your business, and your life:

  1. To bring in immediate and temporary expertise that will drive your business forward.
  2. To help with high level specialized work as a trusted, hands-on advisor to get things done now.
  3. To obtain expertise that you don't have and to deliver quality that you might otherwise not be able to afford to hire.
  4. To provide confidentiality or to inject an objective voice of deep and varied experience.
  5. To bring in the "outside expert" with a clear viewpoint. 
  6. To see the situation through fresh, objective eyes, without the filters and preconceived notions that internal people may have.
  7. To gain focus, organization and discipline to tackle critical aspects of your business. 
  8. To enable the business owner to gain expertise in a process such as strategic planning, hiring a sales team, fund raising or sale of a company.
  9. To achieve the efficiency and affordability of having an expert for a specified period of time. Most companies have needs that require specialized skills, but which are not sufficient in scope to justify a full-time employee.
  10. To get the job done right.  A business advisor, guided by expertise and experience, is more likely to get the job done right the first time.
  11. To model and offer learning - something that a staff person may not be able to do as freely just because of perceived power issues, lack of knowledge, hierarchical constraints, etc.
  12. To ask the right questions, be frank with you and have high level strategic discussions on critical issues facing your business.

For a start-up business, or for an established business, begin today to build relationships with other professionals who can handle the parts of your business that you don't have the time, experience, or knowledge for. Employees play a critical part in these relationships but advisors and vendors also need to be part of your team. Quick fixes do not address the underlying issues that prevent a business from succeeding and growing. They usually end up being more costly than hiring an outside advisor with specific expertise who can tackle your business  problem and provide cost efficient, doable solutions. 


The cost of hiring a professional is an investment in your business. You want to build a professional team to grow you business to the next level.  

Choose a trusted advisor to guide you through important decisions and to provide the direction you need to achieve your personal and business goals.

Remember, a business adviser can bring ideas to their clients based on their area of expertise, share insights, new trends, provide creative solutions and implement the needed solutions. 


In today's ever-changing business climate, it is no time to go it alone. CEO Advisor, Inc. is a specialist in helping CEOs, presidents and business owners drive their business forward and grow to the next level. Contact Mark today at (949) 759-8676 or email him at for a free initial consultation.

CEO Advisor, Inc. Adds Rory C. Rice as CEO Advisor

CEO Advisor, Inc., a leading business advisory firm serving the needs of CEOs, presidents and business owners of small and mid-size companies, has added a new CEO Advisor in the Baltimore Metro, Frederick and Westminster areas in Maryland.  

Rory Rice is an entrepreneur and seasoned business advisor with broad-based business experience in strategy, technology, sales, operations, finance and accounting.  Rory was previously the President of RCR Associates, Inc., a business advisory firm that worked with and advised many small business owners for thirty years on growth, technology and financing strategies.  Rory Rice achieved his B.S. in Management and Accounting from James Madison University.  Rory also serves his community as a member of the board of directors of several local organizations.

CEO Advisor, Inc. advises on growth, strategy, company goals, funding, sales strategy, sales team building, marketing, turnarounds and mergers and acquisitions by working directly with CEOs, presidents and small business owners as a trusted business advisor.  Since 2004, the firm has accelerated the growth and profits of many companies with consistent success.

Mark Hartsell, CEO of CEO Advisor, Inc. states, "We are very fortunate to have Rory Rice join us as a CEO Advisor in Central Maryland providing complete, hands-on business advisory services.  Rory is a proven, seasoned business advisor who will provide a full range of advisory services consisting of on-site meetings, conference calls and hands-on work to accomplish specific needs of CEOs by generating tangible results. We are very hands-on, working hard on a weekly basis to grow our clients to the next level."  

About CEO Advisor, Inc.

CEO Advisor, Inc. provides business advisory services affordably and effectively to meet the specific needs of CEOs, presidents and business owners of small to mid-size companies in a wide range of industries, including technology, business and professional services, and light manufacturing.  CEO Advisor, Inc.'s mission is to advise small and mid-size companies with the needed expertise and focus, coupled with hands-on advice to grow your business to the next level.  By specializing in the needs of CEOs, presidents and business owners, we focus on the growth, opportunities and challenges that you and your business encounter every day. 

Contact CEO Advisor, Inc. today at (949) 759-8676 in So. California, or (301) 580-8071 in the Washington, DC/Baltimore Metro area, by email at or visit us at for more information.

Contact Rory C. Rice, CEO Advisor directly in the Baltimore Metro, Frederick and Westminster areas by telephone at (410) 977-7270, or by email at


"CEO Advisor, Inc. provides a unique advisory service for CEOs. They not only tackle high level strategic issues to assist CEOs navigate through challenging times, but they also get very involved in actually addressing important issues head-on by performing the work to achieve tangible results. Whether it is growing a business to the next level, turning a distressed company around or preparing a company for an exit, CEO Advisor, Inc, provides a broad range of services and are there for the CEO every step of the way."

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"As a President of a mid-size technology company, I have been very pleased with the services provided by CEO Advisor®. He contributed in many areas, but identified marketing and sales as our primary need. His guidance and contributions have been invaluable in establishing and maintaining a meaningful marketing and sales program for the company. He is a knowledgeable business advisor and a pleasure to work with."
CEO/President, Engineering Services/Manufacturing Company

Whether it is growing a business to the next level, turning a distressed company around or preparing a company for an exit, Mark's firm, CEO Advisor, Inc, provides a broad range of services and Mark is there for the CEO every step of the way."



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