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"I am feeling more confident with everything now that you are involved. Furthermore, often times I feel like I am going at this all on my own. Getting CEOAdvisor involved,  has recharged me in many ways! Greatly appreciated on my side. I look forward to our future meetings."


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CEO Advisor, Inc. Advises MedDraft, Inc. on Business Strategy and Growth
November 1, 2011 - CEO Advisor, Inc. (, a leading business advisory firm serving CEOs, presidents and business owners of small and mid-size companies is providing strategy, growth and business advisory services to MedDraft, Inc; an affiliate of Mnet Financial, Inc. in Aliso Viejo, CA.  

CEO Advisor, Inc. is a business advisory firm with a hands-on approach to growing businesses to the next level.  We provide affordable business advisory services specializing in business strategy and goals, funding, operations, sales strategy, sales team building, marketing, finance, and mergers and acquisitions.  As a trusted CEO Advisor® to business owners since 2004, we focus on driving growth and profits exclusively for business owners in a one-to-one advisory role on a weekly basis. 


Mnet Financial, Inc. is a full service provider of collection services for ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals nationwide. MedDraft’s suite of payment plans and debt prevention solutions along with its’s online bill pay service give patients access to needed payment options and is highly complimentary to Mnet Financial’s collection services.  David Hamilton, CEO of MedDraft and Mnet Financial states, "The regular positive feedback from our satisfied customers has brought us a real sense of accomplishment. It feels right that our next step would be to focus on expanding our MedDraft offer to a broader base of healthcare related companies.” 


Mark Hartsell, CEO of CEO Advisor, Inc. states, “MedDraft’s full range of collection and payment services solves a major issue for both surgery centers and their patients.  Our business advisory services are focusing on positioning the company for continued growth and a strategy that will enable them to expand and better serve the healthcare industry.”  


About CEO Advisor, Inc.
CEO Advisor, Inc. provides business advisory services affordably and effectively to meet the specific needs of CEOs, presidents and business owners of small to mid-size companies in a wide range of industries.  CEO Advisor, Inc.'s mission is to advise business owners with the needed expertise and focus, coupled with hands-on advice and work performed to grow your business to the next level.  By specializing in the needs of CEOs, presidents and business owners, we focus on growth, opportunities and challenges that you and your business encounter every day. 


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