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CEO Advisor® Newsletter
November 2013
Growth Starts with Effective Marketing
Start Planning for 2014 Now

Business growth starts with marketing planning and execution. Supporting your sales strategy and sales team with strong brand awareness and lead generation is key to reducing sales cycles, increasing close rates and achieving your growth goals.
Once you pinpoint your target markets, refine your sales strategy and begin the marketing planning process, here are 10 important components of marketing, planning and execution to drive growth in your business: 

  1. Advertising Online
    Google Adwords and other online advertising can be very cost-effective and key to lead generation. The trick is to manage the campaign to optimize quality leads, not quantity. Remarketing can also be a very strong way to increase exposure and leads, as well as track your results.
  2. Website
    Transform your website into a place that turns visitors into prospects, with videos, interesting articles and information on your products and services. Prospects will spend more time on your site, which will increase your lead generation and sales.
  3. Responsive Website
    Making your website mobile-friendly with a responsive web design makes your website easier to manage and gives mobile users a better experience by creating one design that fits all screen and mobile device types. When your customers access your website, the site will sense the device being used and display properly. Website viewing on mobile devices has exploded so make the experience positive to generate leads and sales.
  4. Mobile Marketing is a Must
    Eighty-four percent of small businesses use mobile marketing strategies to increase new business according to a survey conducted by and Lab42. An investment in creating an engaging mobile presence for your business using tools like Groupon, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Facebook to get people to check in is imperative.
  5. Public Relations
    Every business should tell their story about new products and services, new marque customers and events, such as trade shows or speaking engagements. Free promotion in the form of your own article or press release distributed on a monthly basis can be a tremendous return on your investment. In addition to trade magazines and newspapers, press releases and articles can be distributed through wire services, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, trade association sites, your own newsletter and many other methods to gain credibility, exposure and leads, as well as, educate your targeted prospects. 
  6. Sales Database
    Your CRM software should house your complete sales database of prospects and customers. Your CRM sales database is your primary method to both market to your prospects and customers and sell to your prospects and customers. This is the lifeblood of your business and a key to your growth.
  7. Email Promotions
    Connect with prospects and customers through a monthly email with a specific offer for a defined period of time to generate leads and sales. Email promotions are extremely cost-effective and can be marketed to your prospects and customers in your CRM or to targeted rented email lists to generate sales and growth. 
  8. Email Newsletters
    To inform and educate your target markets about your products and services on a consistent basis, distribute a monthly enewsletter to your prospects and customers in your CRM sales database. Content should include relevant information, press releases and articles on new customers, partners and services to position your company as a valued resource. 
  9. Connect Online Strategies to Offline Promotions
    Start by including your website URL, QR codes and other information on your brochures and other materials you use offline. This will increase site traffic and help convert visitors to leads.
  10. Manage Your Reputation Online
    You should invest time in controlling your online content and reputation. You can either pay a vendor to do it or do it yourself. Either way, protecting your reputation is going to be essential in 2014.
    CEO Advisor, Inc. can help you create a 2014 Marketing Plan and Budget to increase your sales and profits and strengthen your brand and reputation. Contact CEO Advisor, Inc. for a no cost, no obligation initial business consultation at your office by calling Mark Hartsell, MBA and CEO at (949) 629-2520, email me at, or visit our web site at for more information.
Strategize, Plan and Forecast Now for 2014 
Planning and strategizing can be the difference between success and failure. A Business Plan and Forecast lays out your plan and goals and is the foundation for the needed growth of your business. A Business Plan is an essential tool for companies raising capital - debt or equity - and your Business Plan needs to precisely articulate how you will grow your business over a one to three year period.
Success Through Preparation, Planning and Execution
Most importantly, the annual business planning process sets sales goals, ensures proper pricing and gross profit, aligns operating expenses to maximize net profits and focuses you and your business on priorities while avoiding wasted time, energy and resources.
Using information from your financials, coupled with a well thought out Forecast of the coming year(s), is critical to achieving goals and making decisions to grow your business.
Your Business Plan should be well thought out, act as a roadmap and be instrumental in running your business. It should also meet the needs of both Venture Capitalists and Angel investors, as well as, banks if you are raising capital. Your Business Plan and Forecast must answer the critical questions and concerns of an investor, as well as, enable you to effectively execute your plan for accelerated growth and increased profits.
Disaster Avoidance
Most business failure is due to a lack of planning. Without proper focus, planning, goal setting and forecasting, your odds of a disastrous year or even failure increases tremendously. Failing to plan is planning to fail, as the saying goes, so seek a professional to help ensure your path to success.
CEO Advisor, Inc. provides extensive business consulting expertise to strategize, plan and forecast for the coming year to optimize your success.  Visit us at for more information or call Mark Hartsell, MBA, CEO at (949) 629-2520 for a free initial consultation.

Client Testimonial  
"I have been a client of CEO Advisor® for 2 years, and you introduced many new ideas for us to improve our business. Once implemented we have seen very tangible increases in our sales that have added greatly to the value of the company.
In addition, you advised us on many organizational changes, such as revamping our sales strategy and team that will have a big impact in the future as we raise additional funding and we ultimately sell the business. You also helped us with our financials and coached us on using this information to make better management decisions.
My CEO Advisor has shown us how to increase the price of our products and services without impacting our customer acquisition, which has been a large boost to our revenues. I strongly recommend the business consulting firm, CEO Advisor."


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